Sunday, November 18, 2007

Music Review: "8 armed Monkey" by KTU

As you will discover, my musical tastes are across the board (as I hope yours are). Avant-garde, big band, bluegrass, classical, folk, jazz, progressive rock and the like are in my CD cabinets (at least while CDs are viable). What won't be found are most of the usual radio trappings (classic rock, soft rock/jazz, etc.); just not me. To hopefully introduce the reader to some interesting listening, I present some of my favorite sounds, both conventional and unconventional, starting with:
Who would think that one could rock out so with an accordion? The heavy stuff, not just your typical Cajun or John Mellencamp fare. I can imagine someone playing this at Woodstock '69, dressed in Lawrence Welk garb and totally flooring the masses. Taken from live recordings in 2004, the band of Trey Gunn (Warr guitar), Samuli Kosminen (sampling), Pat Mastelotto (rhythm) and Kimmo Pohjonen (accordion, voice) make music never heard before (and for some, never to be heard again). Personal favorites amongst the five tracks are the lush "Sineen" and the crush of "Absinthe." The last 90 seconds of the latter should be played at the start of the third period of every NHL game around. Grab this one soon (or at least peek at the band's MySpace site) and enjoy!

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