Monday, November 19, 2007

Music Review: "Larks' Tongues in Aspic" by King Crimson

OK, this isn't really a music review. I highly recommend this album solely on the two-part title track, like nothing else created in the music world. What has me ready to shell out my hard-earned money is the "call to action" of King Crimson in 2008. For me this new lineup (as presented here or here) has the same potential as the Larks' Tongues variant to go where no music has gone before. That is what has drawn me to King Crimson since I first heard it in 1974 (ironically just as the band "ceased to exist"): no fear. For many artists, adventure is just the other side of the same bubble. For King Crimson, the bubble wall is an obstacle to break and see what's out there. Just listen to the band, approaching its 40th anniversary, and you'll know what I mean. May God, Euterpe, band and audience all be in harmony at Park West in August, 2008 (no I'm not smoking anything weird when I say that). No photos or recorders, please...

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