Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Commuter wail

Ah, yes, the 3:30 to 7:30 evening shift. If only those were my "full benefits" working hours. Alas, that was my typical 35-minute home commute today. Unbelievable, exasperating, and a few choicer words that I shan't repeat here.

I don't doubt I'm partly to blame for this. I took my normal "heavy interstate traffic" route through the Twin Cities. When I take this route I always count on one hour, but I do so with knowledge that the normal route would take at least that long. In the past this has worked well through rain, accidents and other obstacles to home. Not today.

Just sitting in downtown Minneapolis took 45 minutes. I should have stopped at Merlins Rest to rest the car and recharge my psyche. I kept going; BIG mistake. The maximum speed for the next 10 miles was 10 miles per hour, and that was right at the end. Those 2 hours got me to the last stretch of freeway (why these towns have only four bridges across the Minnesota River is beyond me; as a birder, more swallow and peregrine habitat!). Another 20 minutes and finally home.

In that time, 10 (yes, I counted) LRT trains each direction sped along happy as clams on speed. If only the transit routing from my home to work wouldn't take until Tuesday so I could be at my Monday staff meeting, then back home Sunday to get laundry done. I've heard all the arguments about moving. Sorry folks, my place is paid for and the old mortgage payments still cover the gasoline bills (for now).

This is only a five-inch snowfall, people! We can drive better than this! Must be all of those folks who have read the Money and Fortune magazine articles about how nice it is to live here. Lies, all lies! It snows all year! We tow your cars at inopportune times! We tax you for everything! GO AWAY!

OK, I'm done now... To bed to do it all again Wednesday morning. And to the pub on Thursday for some R+R (twice in two weeks? I'm becoming a lush in my old age...).

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