Monday, December 31, 2007

Look out be-New Year! I first exclaimed in childhood. Always apropos after such a fine year as 2007. We shall see what 2008 brings (hopefully an end to this dang election nonsense).

My commute takes me past Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport. This morning as I was passing where the airport is first close on the north to I-494, I saw a flying feathered friend heading to perch on a median light. Granted, driving in 6AM darkness at 60 miles per hour (or so) makes it slightly difficult to see, but I'm 95+ percent sure it was a Snowy Owl gliding past. Size and wing shape were wrong for anything other than owl. The overall lightness of the bird stood out, even in the freeway lighting; too light for a Great Horned Owl. Any other birder types see this bird either flying or perched? Sorry, no photos while driving...

Really, I hadn't started New Year's imbibing yet. None of that tonight, I'll be working while the revelers are hopefully reveling and not driving.

Have a safe and wonderful New Year, everyone!

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