Sunday, December 16, 2007

Stars in the east...

...and the west, north and south too. To explain:

Feeling very giving this year, I'd signed up at the Saint Paul Red Cross center for an apheresis (platelet) donation. Done this before, not a big deal. About ten minutes before the end of the process (according to those present), that peaceful queasy feeling started arising. Skin went clammy and whiter than a Scandinavian should. Sweats and chills. The need to send gastric contents across a crowded room (thankfully didn't come to that). Only after about ten minutes of almost being stood on my head did life seem normal again.

Of course, the nice part is being surrounded by hot babes in blue lab coats attending to all your needs (granted you still want to puke despite their efforts). Dear Ann mildly chided me "Did you eat a good breakfast today?" (I thought I had). "Did you get enough calcium?" (apparently not). "DON'T CLOSE YOUR EYES, THE ROOM WILL SPIN!" Delightful Theresa got me unhooked from machinery as quickly as possible (a few more arm hairs gone). Sweet Sally kept me in good humor. Man, you feel like a total doofus in the process, but they assured me everything was OK.

Once on my feet, I went to the sitting area to snack up, recuperate and depart with a Happy Holidays to all. Thanks again, folks, you are wonderful at what you do.

Despite this experience I will return and do it all again soon. I highly recommend donating whole blood, platelets, funds or whatever you can spare to your local center that does such things. I used to donate whole blood at the Hilton Building in Rochester (YUMMY cookies there!), so that comes with another personal recommendation.

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