Thursday, January 24, 2008

Health(y) signs

A very odd convergence of people and health matters yesterday, very interesting and very sad in a couple ways.

A very dear co-worker will be leaving tomorrow, victim of her MS. It has been difficult to watch her abilities fall to the tremors, even in the last six months. She will be missed, and I hope to keep in contact once she is home and ready for visitors. At least it sounds like an excellent support network is in place for her.

Another dear co-worker, in her own battle with breast cancer, sent a most unexpected Christmas card, complete with family photo and family news. She is doing well with her life, and the card indicates her kin are helping her and themselves live life to the fullest. The card was a special treat, and livened a rather dreary day.

I spoke with my father Charles (yes, he prefers the formal name) last night. He and his wife are in a Toronto nursing home, doing fairly well. Dad was the best I'd heard him in a couple years; apparently the recent eye and ear surgeries went well. It was so good to laugh with him, like we hadn't done in a long, long time.

When dad put his wife Elaine on the phone, it was clear her Alzheimer's was settling in. Flashbacks to my dad's mom as she succumbed over ten tortured years. So hard to visit the shell of such a vibrant person then. Difficult to hear the words "Who are you again" and "What do you do" last night.

All in all, some fun times and some tough news to swallow. May all who are suffering find comfort. May we all comfort someone who needs it.

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