Monday, January 14, 2008

Revelation on the past 8- years

Amazing the ideas one comes across in the middle of the night. Truly a dream-state revelation, this is. And no, I'm not talking the Rapture (for which I always marvel at those who are "ready to go", because according to my Bible if you know when the Rapture is, you aren't part if it). I'm talking the whole raison d'etre of our foreign policy decisions since January 20 (or thereabouts) 2001. And one doesn't even need to look at the TV show 24 (thank goodness, because the always-airborne black helicopters are hovering just above my condo as I write this).

This has all been one giant episode of Duck Dodgers. The search for weapons of mass destruction mirrors the search for Illudium Phosdex (the shaving cream atom!). Our beloved Leader is claiming the planet in his name. Can't you see that Kirlian aura glow with each accomplishment? The sub-Leader has all the big ideas, of course claimed by Leader as his own. Eventually in chasing down all our Marvins the planet is blown up, but by golly we can claim the very last shred!

B-b-b-b-b-big deal...

Time for real leaders instead of cartoon characters. Unless Jesse Ventura runs...

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