Friday, February 29, 2008

Highs and lows

Actually this was not bad for what I call an "IT Friday". Those are the days when everyone needs everything technology-related by the end of Friday so they can presumably (but almost never) use it first thing Monday. It was somewhat crazy this afternoon but manageable.

I was told that I was mentioned at a management meeting and in a good way. Very unexpected, and nice to hear that my work is perceived well. Can't get a big head, though; just need to remember how easy mistakes are.

On the other side of life, that "peaceful, queasy feeling" of pre-illness has been with me since last night. This is most likely the flu/cold/whatever bug that has been freely shared amongst the co-workers for the last two weeks. HURRAH... With luck a quiet weekend will fend off "the Devil Bug".

Very grateful for good friends and co-workers, despite what I said in a previous entry...

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