Sunday, February 24, 2008


At least this past week did have a highlight for which a camera was desperately needed. Taking advantage of the springlike day near Nisswa, MN on Saturday, I was driving around the countryside when I came across a wondrous site. For five blissful minutes I watched a flock of 200 or so Snow Buntings careening, landing and repeating along the road and in adjacent fields. Insert mental picture here...

Meantime in the remaining world life is just beautiful (yeah right). I was blessed this week with:
1) More information about tiling and grouting than I will ever use.
2) A varied array of NASCAR wannabes cutting me off, doing 90 mph merges, shoulder passes or the usual "Minnesota exit." At least the deer that ran in front of my car this morning was only trying to cross the road (and yes, we managed to miss each other).
3) Having two vendors argue with one another about why their products don't play nice together. Of course it's the other's fault.

Almost Monday, let's try again; this time with feeling...

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