Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Too tired...

Bad day today, which was actually a carryover from yesterday.

Made a simple mistake at work. Not one of those disastrous things, but one that makes a bunch of extra work for none-too-pleased co-workers. A mistake that one shouldn't make as a de facto database administrator. Granted, if I'd been informed of a work hierarchy before I made my mistake, it never would have happened. Still no excuse for doing what I did.

The best "reason" for it is being tired, tired, tired. Taking a shortcut instead of thinking a problem through. And thus one ends up with dagger-staring (thankfully not dagger-laden) fellow travelers.

At least there's less than 2800 days 'til age 59 1/2, then toodles to all this nonsense. Perhaps sooner?

Meantime, good night ladies and gentlemen. More fun and frivolity tomorrow...

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