Monday, March 24, 2008

My Six-word Memoir

Ah yes, here's the part of the Internet, e-mail etc. that I hate most. The old "isn't this wonderful, isn't that neat, PASS THIS TO FIVE FRIENDS OR THE WORLD ENDS" shtick. To those who send these, please don't get me wrong; I love hearing from you. Don't ever expect me to pass one on.

That being said, in the blog of dear AZ friend Sheri was a note about her being sniped by dear MN friend Sharon (from someone else, of course) about writing a six-word memoir for one's self. Without passing it on (thank you!), Sheri noted that I should try one. So without ado, here I go (that was six words, dear reader. And again...).

Knowing myself to be cleverly flippant (glib?), I was trying to create a memoir that would also contain a hidden message. My first attempts using alliteration were failures. Breaking away from that (along with many trips to the dictionary), I finally came to the perfect memoir. It contains a hidden message (homage to a favorite 60's sitcom) that most readers will miss:


For those who missed the message, I post a second memoir with a different message in the exact same place:


Sorry, no prizes or parting gifts for guessing the sitcom... Thanks, I guess, to bookbabie for getting this rolling. And thus I'm done.


bookbabie said...

Thanks, I guess, for playing;)

fieldguidetohummingbirds said...

Euripides wrote a 60's sitcom?? (Must have been the 460's B.C.)

But seriously, "Harold," I like your hidden message approach - very creative!

BTW, I'm commenting from Alamos, where today I saw Black-throated Magpie-Jays, Bare-throated Tiger-Herons, White-fronted Parrots, Red-billed Pigeons, a Crane Hawk (not hypenated but still pretty darned cool), and much more. Yesterday's highlight was a Bright-rumped Attila, only about the 5th record for Sonora. Life is good!

MarkN said...

Excellent for spotting the clue pointing to Harold Hecuba, the Phil Silvers character on Gilligan's Island. May you be blessed with other wonderful, (un-)hyphenated wildlife!