Saturday, April 12, 2008

Changes of plans

Or perhaps not, but one sometimes tries to make contingencies. This is a direct result of all the problems at American Airlines, which I heard yesterday might still be doing these lovely wiring bundle inspections for the next two weeks. My Thursday return flight from Chicago is on American (the other three legs are United). So what I did:

1) bought a one-way from Chicago to Minneapolis via Northwest (a $133 loss if I don't use it, but oh well...)
2) reconfigured my packing for Powdermill so that everything can be carried on. Clothes might be a trifle stinky by Thursday, but again oh well...

At least the weather has broken somewhat. I wasn't even sure this latest storm (13" at Ma's Nisswa townhouse) would allow eastward travel. Of course, I haven't left yet...

I doubt I will have Internet access the next few days, so talk to y'all soon. Enjoy spring if it ever gets here! I leave you with a photo of my favorite sitting spot on the San Pedro River near Sierra Vista, AZ.

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