Friday, April 18, 2008

My stay at Cabin 5

Cabin 5 is one of the guest cabins at Powdermill Nature Reserve, operated by Carnegie Museum of Natural History. It is a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) cabin from the 1930s, but currently with full amenities. It was a trifle too cold during my stay to be on the porch, but the setting is lush anyways:

Outside the cabin were growing some lovely spring flowers (I think they could all be classified as woodland ephemeral but don't quote me), including these delightful (dwarf?) trout lilies:

Meanwhile, at the banding station across the main road, Puppy Mulvihill waited for the action to commence:

As Bob Mulvihill shared his passion for birds and the environment with the students outside:

For anyone interested in bird banding or just visiting a great natural area, Powdermill is truly wonderful, "in the heart of Pennsylvania's Laurel Highlands" near Ligonier (see, I read those brochures).

I will be having my own bird banding sessions the next couple days, one at Carver Park and the other near Menomonie, Wisconsin. Hopefully the weather clears just a smidgen!

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