Thursday, May 15, 2008

Exciting times?

I checked my schedule today and finally realized that every weekend through July 4 has something planned. YIKES! I usually don't have such a social life; my reputation might be shot.

Actually the bulk of the weekends are involved with bird banding, as this is the prime time of spring for us northerners. This year especially so, but one wonders of the state of the wildlife that makes our extreme fortune in 2008. Avian migrants are everywhere and grounded. Some sad tales have emerged: Tree Swallows jammed and dead of starvation in nest boxes; Yellow-rumped Warbler flocks being struck by vehicles (to the anguish of the drivers in the cases I've read). In phoning my mother tonight, she jokingly (?) said she is tired of trying to keep up with the warblers, grosbeaks and orioles. They are eating suet, oranges, grape jelly, finch food, sunflower remnants, emergent bugs all along the house (as I mentioned previously, almost out of "The Birds"), anything remotely edible and fattening. I hope the food supplies hold out and the bug supplies fill in soon.

The other excitement will be June 14-15 weekend, when I meet some very distant relatives in Mauston, WI. This includes dear friend and relative Jackie from VT. For me this is extraordinary, as usually I find any way possible to get out of meeting new people. But this is the Niles in me speaking, and as this branch of the renegade westerners dwindles, I need to reach back to my roots. Must be one of those middle-age crisis thingies. I'm really looking forward to it.

I heard earlier this week from someone I wasn't sure I'd hear from again (both of us had lost each other's contact info). My last college chum (from 1978) Amy was going to be in town last weekend, but unfortunately I was out. At least we now know again how to reach each other. A trip to Appleton, WI coming up?

Exciting times all around! I think...

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