Sunday, June 29, 2008


No, not what you might think. The title is shorthand for Purple Martin (progne subis). I attended my first Minnesota Purple Martin Fest on Saturday. Finding my way to Hugo, MN is a story unto itself, but I will stay on the subject at hand.

I was the guest bird bander for the festivities, and had a wonderful time. Good food, good presentations and a not-overwhelming banding effort. Purple Martin banding concentrates on the nestlings, and most in this colony were too young. I will likely return in a few days to complete what I can. A number of other colony landlords expressed interest in banding. If by me, there's a danger of being spread too thin. If by them, then I suggested making contact with the North American Banding Council who might provide references to willing-to-train banders.

I'm hoping for a quiet day today. Non-work, non-banding things are happening that will likely have major repercussions. At least it's not my personal health. I think... Undoubtedly more to follow in the coming days. Meantime, a couple photos from yesterday. Enjoy!
Purple Martin colony site

Colony detail

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