Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer banding

So far a quiet but rewarding two days of bird banding this summer. Yesterday the formal public program was a struggle, but we did band seven birds (including three American Redstarts!) and retrapped two over the course of four hours. Today for the private training session we managed another eight birds and one retrap. All in all a great day; many thanks to volunteers/trainees Susan, Susie, Jessi and Amber for the help!

Highlights today (for which I will post photos if I receive any) were the unexpected Bobolink (the weather was windy and the birds flying high) and the two Cedar Waxwings. Amber was so excited with the latter she was very much doing a happy dance, especially when we let her band the first one. Susan banded a Clay-colored Sparrow, and Susie and Jessi did the bulk of the rest. So fun to see the enthusiasm!

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