Friday, August 15, 2008

The Brown Canyon challenge(s)

Brown Canyon is the "next canyon north" of Ramsey Canyon, where my now-forgotten vacation was last week. Hiking its trail can make a very pleasant if somewhat huffy-puffy loop of 7 miles with Ramsey. My challenge (and friends Tom and Sheri if either choose to partake) is to walk that loop during my 2010 visit. Granted it should not be that difficult for a flat lander. But the loop has just enough tricky elevation changes, especially "towards the end" (perhaps I should walk the other way?) that it is not to be taken lightly. With the walk being in May, though, it should be gorgeous, with lots of interesting cheeps and twitters in trees and bushes. We shall see.

The other challenge is working on whatever digital photo techniques might help me develop better photo-stitching skills than those showcased here. I give you two very poor 90-degree rotated panoramas from Brown Canyon, but hey they're the best I can do right now. Don't strain your neck trying to see them fully (do I need a health waiver here?)... Enjoy!

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