Monday, September 01, 2008

Our State Fair...

Wow, post #100! At least that's what Blogger is telling me, even though only 97 show as published. Never thought I'd last this long... Many thank yous to dear friends Tom and Sheri at SABO for getting me started on this journey.

Also, many thank yous to the Henderson family, with whom a journey is underway and the destination of which is not known right now. Well, OK, their physical destination is near Durango, CO, but I'm talking something beyond that. OK, maybe I'm weird and have no idea what I'm talking about. Anyways, that's not the subject of this entry.

The four Hendersons I know (Susie, Randy, Jessi and Kevin) and I met at the Minnesota State Fair yesterday. It was my first visit in 15 years. That's seems about the right interval for me, when in 2023 or so I can pay the senior fare. This is not a knock against the fair, just an expression of my need to be there. Everything was in place yesterday: beautiful weather, people everywhere (my people-dodging skills need tweaking), myriad things to see and do, and of course nearly any food variety one would want, presented in skewered ("on a stick") form.

My personal favorite food, as recommended by my work boss, was the "Australian Battered Fries". This was presented as a long slice of potato, deep fried (of course! This is the fair, after all.) in a unique batter and semi-smothered (thankfully not fully smothered) in a ranch-style dressing. And not on a stick! A very interesting combination of flavors. Randy bought some and shared with the crew; very generous of him! I also enjoyed a to-die-for strawberry shake; has to start thick enough to be unslurpable, and mine truly was. I hope Jessi's chocolate shake was as good. How I managed to avoid the staples of Pronto Pups (fair-speak for corn dogs) and mini-donuts is beyond me.

Later yesterday I rejoined the Hendersons for a spaghetti dinner, quality dish-washing time and the movie "Glory" which they had not seen before. The latter seemed to impress them, which pleased me; one never knows if one's own likes will translate to others.

On another note entirely, for the first time in I year a have an inquiry on the Ancestry web site. Always neat to hear from extremely-distant relatives (are they relatives if that distant?). So I best respond, probably later today. A shout-out to Vermont friend Jackie (sorry we missed connections earlier) for her aid in family research.

Whatever journey my life is taking will be documented here. At least the shareable parts. Thanks to all who contribute, your friendship and love mean everything...

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Bisbee Border Birder Bloggers said...

A belated Happy Hundredth! And if you find them at the fair, stay away from the Assault 'n' Battered Fries.