Thursday, October 09, 2008

Better times... least personally. Stock market news (now supposedly down 39% from its highest level) doesn't worry me, whether it should or not. From the low spirits of earlier this week, life is seeming better. As part of this, I share some quotes from items written or read in the past 24 hours. Explanations as needed. Enjoy!

...don't write from obligation.

From an e-mail to a very dear friend. "Obligatory" writing should be reserved for tax forms, bill payments and similar. "Creative" writing must come from within as the Spirit moves you. My friend is doing a delightful job of the latter, I can't wait for her first publication!

...the white line was brightest just to the edge of the shadow. So I thought about the reasonable physics of this, the natural coolness of this, looked around at how light was different at various angles, etc. All while managing to stay on the road[.]
But my main jump was to here: when I feel the darkness, the shadow descend,.... if I can only remember or will myself to look, that just behind that "it" the brightest light.

From an e-mail from another dear friend. More than anything else this week, this note helped me out of my depths. My heartfelt gratitude to the author...

..."Isn't the rain beautiful?" he said. "Why do we keep resisting rain? Why do we want the sun when we should be willing to be soaked by the rain? The Lord wants to soak us with his grace and love. Isn't it marvelous when we can feel the Lord in so many ways and get to know him better and better! He lets us experience his presence even now in all that surrounds us...

Not my alter ego the Preacher, but Henri Nouwen in his book "The Genesee Diary". It is very much like the thought I express to others, that my "church" is whenever I am outside. It is where I feel most surrounded by grace and love, especially when accompanied by close friends like those above. It is also one of the most difficult things to remember when one's thoughts are spiralling downward, out of control.

Many thanks to the both of you, and all my circle of friends. I really needed all of you this week.

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