Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Boobird is dead

Yay, I finally got myself down to one e-mail account! My old account through aol served me well for many years, but with this last upgrade forcing the issue it was time to put it to rest. Paying money for stuff that I never really used anyways was getting stupid. And all the fluff that would come with the free account wasn't needed. Where I am now, through gmail, makes more sense with what I am using on the InterTubes. And that isn't really much.

Hope to band a few more songbirds before our big push the 12th-15th giving a shot to banding Northern Saw-whet Owls. That will probably rank as the nuttiest thing I've tried (sorry, no bungee-jumping for me), besides actually trying to win the lottery. I'll keep you all informed.

Also, be prepared for a first appearance of yet another alter ego, the Preacher; sort of a cross between John Hagee and Ric Flair. What he has to say will probably not sit well with folks, which is why he doesn't come out often. As soon as he gets his notes together, he'll be ready...

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