Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Highs and lows 3

It started innocently enough. I remarked in a friend's e-mail how I plan my vacations, trips etc to sort of get from one round of work to another. But then something kicked in that hadn't been around for many years.

One's thoughts and emotions twist in an eerie downward spiral that is very difficult to stop. Nothing was really "going wrong", but it didn't matter. Life was just getting worse by the minute. The topper was to read this article and its associated heart-wrenching letters, and today felt like a total loss.

No need for readers to worry (no need to cheer either); I was not that far down. Yet I was far enough that the cycle of thought in the above article becomes understandable.

Only friend Sharon and others were able to help stop the cycle. At tonight's Birds and Beer (for which I thought I had the wrong date as I was alone the first half-hour) she, Linda, Sue, Kirk and the rest of the crew got my mood turned way around to at least salvage part of an otherwise dismal day. Great people (thank you Val for being such a wonderful waitress!), funny off-the-wall jokes and a side of a participant I never knew existed. A very needed evening. Kinda fun to meet state senator John Marty in person!

Today's downside is certainly not gone. But perhaps now it can slowly retreat and be gone for another 40 years...

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