Monday, October 13, 2008

Rain Man

Having more time to myself than expected (nothing worse than an ill dental hygienist), I decided to walk this morning. Not just any walk, but one loosely based upon the Henri Nouwen quote in my previous entry.

Nature was cooperating with a gently soaking rain. The rush hour was basically over, so traffic noise was minimized and fellow walkers were more amiable. My conclusion after my forty-five minute jaunt:

1) It truly is quite comforting to just be out on a quiet fall day, before the coming raw days of transition to winter.
2) One does feel more open to the world, more willing to say Hello and be at peace with one's fellow man.
3) I am gently soaked.

How many of these feelings I'd have if my home (if I was "lucky") was a cardboard box under a bridge is open to question.

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