Sunday, November 23, 2008

The pause that refreshes...

I hope that all my readers have someone with whom the day is much brighter, life seems more livable and the upcoming Season (and every day, for that matter) is reason to celebrate. I had a chance to speak with that "someone" this evening, and what a difference. For a brief moment again, I am a happy boy!

Of course, another work week looms. But it is thankfully a short one...

Not ready!

That whole Yuletide thing is fast approaching, and the mood just isn't there. Not sure what to do about it. Maybe shopping this afternoon. Gotta do SOMETHING!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Examined head; found nothing

Yes, that old joke comes into play. In a good way, that is. CT scan came up normal, everything seems OK. So of course, today I had an all-day headache. This was probably a combo platter of stress and sinus, which is in turn what the previous weeks' misery most likely was.

Many thank yous to Susie and Kevin Henderson for inviting me for dinner and laughs tonight (too pooped for a movie, though). Being the newly poop-ated social butterfly, I have a Birds and Beer tomorrow night, dinner with Sis and Ma on Wednesday and a "hot date" with my hairstylist on Thursday. Friday night's for sleeping!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Catching up yet again

So easy to "fall behind" with entries when high-attention items are happening in one's life. Or when one is really lazy. Guess which?

Last Lowry bird banding of the year was yesterday. Good crowd, good birds and a crazy lunch afterwards. The latter was to be expected, with a number of "the old crowd" there including my mentor, Kathy Heidel.

This past Thursday I did have a CT scan to see what all my headaches might be about. The interesting thing is, like taking one's car to the shop, the headaches "went away" the day of the scan. Probably all blood pressure related, as I had started taking medication two days before. We shall see; I think results come back tomorrow.

Sister and rest of the family are doing fine.

A dear friend is travelling for the next week or so; miss her already.

Holidays approaching. EEK!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

All in the family!

Well, for the most part the appointments of the past two days went well. The teeth are polished, the eyes can see, the heart is still ticking. On that last point, however, I do get to join in a ritual very familiar to mom's side of my family tree. The doctor (a very good one, I might add) has officially and unequivocally prescribed blood pressure medicine. With that, and the recommendation of a daily multivitamin, comes a new Christmas present idea: a pill container! Don't everybody be sending one, now...

More on my visits later. Meantime, I have places to be and the roads are slippery from rain/sleet/snow/everything. Not fun...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Poke, prod, repeat...

I decided to cram as many appointments as possible into the next two days. I'll start with dentistry later this morning, then have eyes checked this afternoon and the whole body checked tomorrow. The latter will be my first time at a new clinic with a new doctor, so that will be loads of fun.

Only areas of concern

1) I'm sure my hygienist will be scraping extra hard and cursing me wildly because of my flossing drop-off the past few months (bad, bad, BAD!).
2) Slightly more concerning are the headaches I've been having the past two weeks. Same place (left side), same time (at night). Very weird.

We'll see how all this orifice work affects the rest of my week. Whee!!

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Still excited after Tuesday's results, but sleep is beckoning; I've been a trifle low on it lately. Hope to make it north to Ma's this weekend but the weather might be a little tricky. Catch y'all on Sunday or so...

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Morning in America

I vaguely remember the tumultuous year of 1968. Perhaps our "40 years in the wilderness" is finally done. Graciousness on all sides is a good start... Thanks to all who voted, no matter who your candidates of choice.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Intriguing times

A shout-out to friend and co-worker Susan, who today made my day, my month and the rest of my year, possibly the rest of my winter. She is amazing...

Another shout-out to dear sis, who has started her four weeks of cardiac therapy. Everyone is doing OK. The job situation will be clearer once therapy is done, but the future is probably obvious already; those involved just have to recognize and accept it.

I will be in line early tomorrow for the quadrennial test of our democracy. OK, I know there are annual elections of some sort, but the leap-year one is always filled with the most excitement, the most anxiety and the longest lines. Thus, an early AM walk (only a mile away) to the polls awaits. Please do vote, dear readers, whomever your candidates of choice are.

I will be either laughing or crying hysterically at Merlin's Rest on Thursday, depending on tomorrow's results. A few close friends will be joining me, so it should be a good time. When did I get to be such a lush? Oh yeah, I only drink Coke at the bars...

The above brings up a saying by my dear alter ego, Mediocrates:

Always have more than one friend, just in case.