Sunday, November 16, 2008

Catching up yet again

So easy to "fall behind" with entries when high-attention items are happening in one's life. Or when one is really lazy. Guess which?

Last Lowry bird banding of the year was yesterday. Good crowd, good birds and a crazy lunch afterwards. The latter was to be expected, with a number of "the old crowd" there including my mentor, Kathy Heidel.

This past Thursday I did have a CT scan to see what all my headaches might be about. The interesting thing is, like taking one's car to the shop, the headaches "went away" the day of the scan. Probably all blood pressure related, as I had started taking medication two days before. We shall see; I think results come back tomorrow.

Sister and rest of the family are doing fine.

A dear friend is travelling for the next week or so; miss her already.

Holidays approaching. EEK!

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