Monday, December 29, 2008

Ego boost

Nothing like a second-hand remark from someone with whom you work quite closely that you are "worthless to the organization". Very nice, eh? Among the myriad reactions to this are:

1) curling up in the fetal position and waiting for death;
2) coming out swinging, especially after my first-ever visit to a gun shop;
3) shrugging it off and continuing with life as usual;
4) perfecting my "Mr. Worthless" persona, complete with robe a la Ric Flair;
5) asking said person "And your worth is ...?";
6) becoming the world's worst workaholic and forever muttering "I'll show you..." to nobody but myself.

or some strange and wonderful combination of the above and others. What matters most is the boss's opinion, and he just gave me the best performance review I've ever had. I must be doing something right...

To close this entry, some photos from this Christmas past. Enjoy!

Deer and lights

Manger in sunlight


Minnesota Birdnerd said...

We all know your real worth. Have a very happy new year and don't work too hard while everyone else is sleeping it off at home.

fieldguidetohummingbirds said...

What the Birdnerd said. Sounds to me like a classic case of projection - I wonder what that person's performance review was like? Numbers 3 and 5 seem most appropriate, but 4 is an intriguing possibility...

BTW, didja get your present yet?? And what T-shirt size are you wearing these days?

MarkN said...

Hey, thank you both for the true ego boost!

The steel tankard with the White-eared Hummingbird photo is el fabbo, it will keep my morning meeting coffee (tea, actually) perfectly. And T-shirt size is surprisingly still medium or large, even with my "extra winter layer" (that needs to be burned off come spring).