Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Keeping out the riffraff

This is a very bad thing to say for a born Minnesotan, but I've never felt as cold as I have the last two days. I must now be one of those folks that has to "pack up and go somewhere warm for the winter". My boss was telling me of his recent Florida trip, where he saw a gentleman wearing full coat and an ear-flap hat... at 75 degrees F! I think that will be me very soon.

Driving is already horrid, with a 2-hour slog from work. Toss in a few spinouts (not me, thankfully) and a couple crazy mergers and I was just glad to get back in the driveway.

Now to pack away some pizza (need that winter fat layer!) and climb under every bed cover I can find. BBBBRRRRRRR...

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fieldguidetohummingbirds said...

There's a little something coming your way to help make the drive a little warmer, if not any safer. Bundle up and stay out of the way of those incompetent drivers!