Friday, January 30, 2009

It's only talk...

Found this while strolling through the Intertubes. It is a quick synopsis of my favorite musical group, King Crimson. It also describes some other artists of note for whom the mighty Crimso has "struck a chord". Very interesting reading, even if I don't agree that one noted composition (not improvisation) is mere "noodling". To each their own!

Kind of a strange week, with enough little things going wrong to be laughable. A sweet co-worker unexpectedly left today, which took me aback. Another has a sig other going through a medical crisis; my prayers to all involved.

On a brighter note, happy #50 tomorrow to another good friend; yet another friend/co-worker will be doing same a week from now.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy belated 25th!

January 19, 1984 was the coldest day of that winter; at least it felt so to me. That day I moved to my current Eagan address. Although a trifle "small" these days (only because I have too much STUFF) it has everything I need. And the mortgage is paid.

Many "Thank You"s to Tom Pendleton, wherever you are, for your able assistance during that move.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday, Monday...

Not quite the Mamas and Papas song, but a state of mind once today was fairly well completed. Some are worse than others, but because today started with:

1) Someone who wanted to ditch a year's work for no reason,
2) A non-existent meeting that I thought still existed
3) A different someone wanting something fixed right away and then leaving before I can get any details

you get the idea.

Then again a few things did go right today, including

1) Talking the perpetrator of the first item above out of same
2) One of the fastest rides home in years
3) A nice talk with long-time but long-absent friend Carol

so a totally mixed bag. The topper was arrival home tonight, when I was prepared to fix a multi-meal supper and discovered... no glass baking dish. So, off to the local Wal-mart or equivalent, then I can get cooking. And I was so hoping for early bedtime!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Didn't realize an entire week had drifted by without an entry. Too many intense work projects and a slight case of "flu and tick season" made time pass rather quickly. So I will try to get inspired with these items:

1) Sort of akin to getting the first seed catalog in the mail, I sent to the Bird Banding Laboratory last year's records. Which means this year's banding can't be too far behind...

2) With Susie Henderson's birthday coming soon, I need to find a unique but inexpensive gift. With the family soon moving to Durango, CO and her involvement with birds, I'm pretty sure I can think of something...

3) I'm following a crazy notion and investigating a possible house purchase in Bisbee, AZ. Not that I want to be in debt and working for the next 30 or so years, but with prices and mortgages the way they are, one never knows...

As always, I will keep readers informed. To close, a photo from last year. Think spring!

Me with Least Flycatcher

Friday, January 16, 2009

Frozen in time...

Man, the last few winters have made me totally wussy. Only down to -25 or so and it is cold, cold, cold! Oh, for the days from 1988 to about 2005 when any cold weather lasted for about two days...

A group of co-workers, at the urging of one, broke into song:

We're havin' a heat wave...

when the temperature had officially reached 0 Fahrenheit. Yes, one does have to be crazy to live here!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Been there...

I think I wrote a very similar entry some time back, but I must again question why Minnesotans don't better know how to drive on a snowy road. I endured another commute tonight in which the first 2/3 of the journey took an expected 45 minutes, then the last 1/3 was a slower-than-snails 2+ hour carbon-fest. Unbelievable... As with the previous marathon I should have stopped at Merlin's Rest and quaffed a few until traffic lessened, but everything was going so well...

Three months to go, then perhaps some relief!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Totally random thoughts...

...because it's been a crazy week and life is all jumbled together. Nothing bad, just a blur. So I'll string together a few on-my-mind items in a "stream of consciousness" fashion and see what happens.

1) How can peace exist in the Middle East if: a) both (all?) parties aren't committed to the concept and b) the peacemakers are killed, especially from within?

2) How can someone with a straight face say someone should act a certain way and then, when in the same situation, himself act totally opposite?

3) The person who called me "worthless" has been praising me all week. Go figure...

4) Which is more important, renovating old buildings or buying new pet washers?

5) How can Reversi (aka Othello) still be unsolved? On a more interesting note, why not expand to a 10x10 or larger grid? The same for checkers, chess, and other "confined" games?

6) If so many folks think that NASA's space missions are outdated then: a) why keep wanting to fix the Hubble Telescope and b) why not have them solve the energy problem instead? Seems like they have some pretty smart folks there...

7) Total hypothesis, and probably plenty of books on the subjects: what if Abraham Lincoln had either a) lost in 1860 or 1864, or b) not been assassinated?

8) I wish the interstate circle around the Twin Cities was light rail...

9) Despite the pounding the old retirement fund has taken this past year, life is actually pretty good. Helps that the money isn't a priority...

10) Where will I be in five years: a) still here full-time in MN; b) part-time in either AZ or CO; c) full-time in AZ or CO; d) on the lam somewhere else (TX perhaps?); or e) Heaven, Hell or elsewhere? We shall see!

And so to bed soon, as the snow is expected to be flying this upcoming morning rush hour and I want to be at work on time to leave for north on time to... You get the idea. Have a fine weekend, everyone!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Full week

Yes, the holidays are over, and the five-day workweeks return. At least for a moment, because we get those odd days off in January (Martin Luther King Jr. Day) and February (Presidents' Day).

Very glad that my friends the Hendersons survived snow- and ice-fall on their trips out to and back from Durango, CO. See you folks soon!

As I knew that watching the local football squad would be too painful, I spent today re-watching my favorite mini-series, I, Claudius. From that show comes one of my favorite all-time lines. If only I could use this with a certain co-worker (regular readers can guess who):

You set the standard for sanity in the world...

Later, 'gators!