Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday, Monday...

Not quite the Mamas and Papas song, but a state of mind once today was fairly well completed. Some are worse than others, but because today started with:

1) Someone who wanted to ditch a year's work for no reason,
2) A non-existent meeting that I thought still existed
3) A different someone wanting something fixed right away and then leaving before I can get any details

you get the idea.

Then again a few things did go right today, including

1) Talking the perpetrator of the first item above out of same
2) One of the fastest rides home in years
3) A nice talk with long-time but long-absent friend Carol

so a totally mixed bag. The topper was arrival home tonight, when I was prepared to fix a multi-meal supper and discovered... no glass baking dish. So, off to the local Wal-mart or equivalent, then I can get cooking. And I was so hoping for early bedtime!

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