Friday, March 20, 2009


Just a couple things...

Yet again, I have received notice that a dear friend's life has taken an unexpected turn. Friend and bird banding volunteer Linda hospitalized herself this morning with chest pains. She seems OK, but the hospital has been keeping her for observation. As I told her when we talked today, "...a little drastic to get out of having me for dinner!" Get well, LZ!

Last night's conversation with hopefully-new-found-friend Kathy was a Blessing. Heartfelt give-and-take, out of nowhere. A thousand thank-yous, KC!

Bird banding tomorrow (transition time, could be very interesting or a bust). First of many upgrades Sunday. I will probably be a zombie by Sunday night, but both of the above will be on my mind.

Treasure every moment you can, dear reader...


April Silber said...

Happy Spring, my friend.!
With Love, April

beegirl said...

Sorry to have missed the banding today! The house hunting yielded no results, but still was helpful.

Hope Linda is ok - I notice it didn't stop her from posting some sightings! What a gal!