Sunday, March 15, 2009

Year YiR

Although it's only mid-March, perhaps it's time for a "Year in Review" because this has been anything but dull. I think so far the goods have outweighed the bads, but I leave that to the reader.

On the good side:
1) Redpolls, redpolls, redpolls!
2) My tax refund from the Feds (offset by owing to MN, of course!).
3) VT Jackie and I making some genealogy breakthroughs.
4) The AZ trip to see Tom and Sheri, with Blue Mockingbird, Ruddy Ground-doves and super-mucho Sandhill Cranes as bonuses.
5) Not worrying about all the financial craziness (even if I should).

On the bad side:
1) Being told my work was "worthless to the organization".
2) Being told I was trying to "sabotage projects".
3) Being told a photo of me was "repulsive".
4) The maladies and mishaps of close friends and co-workers.
5) Too much winter!

Can't wait for the rest of the year!

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