Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Love? part 2

Continuing yesterday's entry with the four definitions of the word "love" that have been the deepest experiences in my 53 years. I do not know if others share the same, or a different combination. I can only speak for me.

11) the benevolent affection of God, or the reverent affection due God.

Many would find me lacking in the latter and not appreciative enough of the former. And yet...

Whether attributable to God, good fortune, unbelievable luck, beating Darwinism or whatever you wish, I should probably not be alive today. The four incidents that stand out the most:
- The old-style (think 1960) garage door that fell on me. Not just coming down, but dropping out of the track and landing flat. As the doctor said, if my head had not gone through that window...
- The 1968 mystery illness that was never diagnosed. To quote Monty Python, " better..."
- The 1981 pea-soup fog-shrouded highway drive, finding a stalled car in the middle of the road. It was two lengths ahead of me and I was going highway speed (idiot).
- The 1995 drive through a construction zone when a deer jumped the J-barrier and headed straight for my windshield.

So have I felt the love of a higher power in my life? Very much so in those cases. In just mundane everyday life? Yes I do. Friends more learned than I may scoff; that does not matter to me.

Do I consider myself a Christian? Yes I do. Would other Christians consider me a Christian? Probably not. I don't have my Bible memorized. I consider "being saved" as something to strive for in one's life every day, not just the "I'm saved and you're not, nanner-nanner boo-boo" mentality which seems so prevalent. I consider all of us God's children, even those of us that have "done horrible things". I have too many of my own sins to castigate any supposed sins of others. I consider Jesus' teachings the most right for me, but I cannot belittle how others find their path to God. Two recently-made friends have brought forth that God-sense within me so much; I hope I have in some small way done the same for them.

My favorite Bible verses shall always be the Beatitudes, Ecclesiastes and Psalm 103. Even if Psalm 23 is the only chapter I sorta-kinda know by heart.

I could write about one of the other three definitions, but I think this is enough for tonight. Blessings and love to you all.

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Kathy said...

I am enjoying your exploration of this very fraught word....