Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Crazy days...

...which is not referring to the festival of "Pretty Good Shopping" in Nisswa, MN. It has been a very unpredictable two weeks. Amazingly, most of it in a very good way.

The avian migration this year is literally all over the map. It is nigh impossible to say what species one will encounter on a particular day. I think at the cabin we still have White-throated Sparrows and Yellow-rumped Warblers, which in theory should be past there by now. Pine Siskins are still everywhere and probably nesting. Our Lowry banding session had mostly Chipping Sparrows. Bay-breasted Warblers are being seen right now both in the Brainerd area and down here. No orderly march northward in 2009; but it is exciting to finally have these feathered wonders arriving!

As regular readers know, I have been plodding along with "the 14 definitions of love" in this blog. Oddly enough, I might be living my way into definition 14. For fear of jinxing this unfolding delight (my wonderful pessimist tendencies), I'm leaving details out for now. When I'm ready to say more, this definition could be quite interesting.

I will shortly be away at the cabin until June, then the summer work slog begins. Now, however, there might be a very good reason to keep slogging... I leave you with a photo from ace taker Amber. Enjoy!

Quick, three beers! Olive-sided Flycatcher

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