Saturday, May 16, 2009

Something from nothing

Temperature below 40F. Wind from the north at 20-30mph. I had 0 hopes for the Lowry bird banding program today. If I hadn't thought we had a group arriving, I would have canceled the program.

Then as I drove to the nature center, I noticed a burned field with a number of sparrows. The back of the field was slightly protected from the wind by low vegetation. I thought "Well, this might work." After I had scanned our other usual net sites and found them well windblown, I took two nets and set along the field. Of course the first wave of feeding birds had flown, but it seemed the only choice.

It was a fortunate choice. Despite the over-breezy day, most of our 22 banded birds of 9 species came from those nets. And a remarkable set of species it was, including 2 (Eastern Kingbird and Tree Swallow) that I had not banded in 5 years. Hopefully friend Roger got some good photos for his blog...

I think I had some Help today...

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