Tuesday, June 08, 2010

My Michelle

Not quite one year ago (June 24 actually), I did plight my troth through engagement to a most remarkable woman, Michelle Cook. We are very different, and yet our likes, our hopes and dreams mesh very nicely. In a very real sense, we are two halves of a whole, hopefully becoming greater than our sum. In a more humorous sense, ours is the joining of works by Jane Austen and DP Gumby.

As Michelle has noted, we have experienced each others' darkness, yet we persevere. I want to know this beautiful woman more than anyone before. Her passion for a cause is a marvel. She learns new, complex subjects quickly, an amazing concept to my "one step at a time" mind. Her florid prose and poetry sweetly convey their subject's essence. Her love of nature and caring for the environment shine in every way.

I join the chorus of fine gentlemen who have found their life's mate: "I am the luckiest guy on Earth." Thank you for allowing me in your life, my sweet Michelle! I cannot wait for our August 20 wedding...