Monday, July 26, 2010


This is one of those entries for which finding just the right words might not be easy. I suppose one should just go with the stream of consciousness and go with that; we shall see if what I end up saying is truly what I want to say. Away we go!

When one has a song in one's heart, it can be varied as music itself. The one I hold these days is the song of a lifetime, not just a moment. It is a song of joy, of hope, of life's tapestry instead of just individual threads.

This song is a love song, that which I feel for Michelle. She and her family have let me in, allowed me to grow, and more importantly tolerated my mistakes for that growth (the occasional sour note amongst the reverie). I am so blessed to have that love and support, and that of my own family, that will last for all my days. There is no other sensation like it.

On August 20, this song will burst forth in all its radiance. I can't wait!